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Why You Should Book Directly With Us

Sure, our rooms can be booked on Internet travel sites.  Unless I really screw up, you will not find a lower price on any of the online booking sites than you can get from us.  In addition, several of our largest room types are only available on our website or through the front desk.

The one thing that has caused the most confusion and disappointment when booking a room is guests thinking they have booked a lakefront room when they have actually booked a courtyard room.  Every guest who has booked a courtyard room but expected a lakefront room when they arrived made their reservation on a 3rd party booking site; the booking engine on this site ( clearly delineates between Lakefront and Courtyard rooms.  I really don’t like to have disappointed guests, and when a Courtyard room booker shows up thinking they booked a Lakefront room, it gets our relationship off to a bad start, like at the beginning of a  Hollywood romantic comedy where the male and female protagonists through some misunderstanding just don’t get along.  Please read the details below, and help get our relationship started off on the right foot!  In a nutshell:

The only way to get a Lakefront room is to book a Lakefront room.

Seems obvious, doesn’t it?  The problem lies in the limited room nomenclature and text descriptions permitted by the 3rd party booking sites.  Here is how it breaks down, by site(s)., which includes Priceline and a couple of other minor sites you’ve never heard of: will not permit me to include the text “Non-Lakefront” in the room names of our courtyard rooms.  ALL of the lakefront rooms do however contain the words “Lake View” in the room name.  Additionally, the first sentence of the room descriptions of the courtyard rooms begins “This non-lakefront room…..” That’s as far as they allow me to go.  A large majority of all of the reviews on TripAdvisor where the guest was disappointed that they did not receive a a lakefront room are from guests who booked on  To recap: on, if it doesn’t say  “Lake View” in the room name, it has no view of the lake.

Expedia, which includes and Travelocity:

Expedia won’t even let me include “Lake View” in the room names.  In short, any room with the word “Standard” in the room name is NOT lakefront.  All of the rooms without the word “Standard” in the room name are Lakefront; additionally, the first sentence of the room description of the Lakefront rooms begins with “Step out onto your balcony and enjoy the view of the lake.”  I realize that this in not entirely obvious, but Expedia has a a limited selection of room names to choose from and we hotel owners cannot write our own room descriptions.

A number of guests have reported speaking to customer service representatives at the 3rd party sites who assured them that a courtyard room was in fact lakefront.  If you have questions, you should call us, as I guarantee we have the correct answer to this type of question where the booking sites apparently do not, which is understandable considering the customer service reps have never been here.

Obviously the best way to avoid the confusion is to book through us; not one guest who has booked a courtyard room through us arrived expecting a lakefront room.  The 3rd party sites will never have a better price than we do.

WE WANT YOU TO ENJOY YOUR VACATION!  If you are disappointed that you didn’t get the lakefront room you were expecting we’re starting off behind the eight ball.  Call us if you have any questions on any of our rooms on any booking site.

About Our Lakeshore

At the Clearwater we are fortunate to have 300 feet of lakefront property on Lake Huron.  However, I would not describe this as a typical “sandy beach” which would be ideal for swimming.  Due to the recent low water levels in the great lakes, the lakefront in Mackinaw City has become increasingly weedy.  We are doing everything in our power to restore our section of lakefront to “sandy beach” conditions, but due to DNR regulations this is a slow process and may take 2 to 3 years.  We have done everything we can to remove any reference online to our property having a “beach” as we do not want to mislead our guests. Can you swim from our lakefront?  Absolutely, I do it myself.  On the other hand, there is a reason almost all of the hotels in Mackinaw City have indoor pools:  The lake water is COLD up here!  Try it and see.  I don’t go in without a wetsuit. UPDATE May 2015:  OK, NOW I would describe our lakefront as a sandy beach.   We have removed the majority of the large rocks, extended the beach upwards and added 200 cubic yards of sand.  Check our Facebook page for photos!

2 Floors – No Elevators

Our property consists of 5 separate buildings, all of which contain 8 rooms.  There are 2 floors per building, and no elevators.  There are also 2 steps up to the porch on each building where the entry doors are located.   We do have an ADA ramp on one of the lakefront buildings, if you require a room on the first floor of this building you must contact our front desk either by phone or by emailing  If you prefer a specific floor,  please use the “Special Instructions” field on our online booking system, or call our front desk at 231-268-0441.  We will try to honor all requests, but due to the large number for of specific floor/room requests we receive it may not possible.

Due to the weight of the tubs, all of our jacuzzi rooms are located on the ground floor.

Hi-Speed Wi-Fi

Like most hotels we subscribe to a high speed internet service.  Unlike most hotels, we subscribe to the highest speed available (100 mbs) and distribute it throughout our property using a state of the art point to multi-point wireless bridge and wireless routers that employ the latest  networking protocols.


When booking a room, guests often inquire if we have AAA/AARP/Military/State Employee/Government Employee/Your Group Here discounts.  My answer is “We offer the same low prices to everyone.”  Nearly every lodging establishment has a “Rack Rate” which is artificially high and that almost nobody pays.  All of the discounts are based on this rate, the discounted price is the rate at which the hotel is actually willing to sell rooms.  Part of our philosophy here at the Clearwater is to not mislead our guests in any way.  In the above scenario, the only people who end up paying the inflated “Rack Rate” are those who show up without a reservation and generally don’t use the internet to price shop.  I believe this is discriminatory against this group, who are generally older and not as tech savvy as people who have grown up in a connected world.   We have one rate for everyone; I believe it is very reasonable.    Also, I’m not about to spend a bunch of my time developing and publishing phony rates just so I can offer my guests a fake discount.

Mackinac Island Ferry Tickets

We buy in bulk from the good people at Star Line Ferry and offer steeply discounted tickets to our guests.  Seriously, check with us before you buy tickets elsewhere.  Must be a Clearwater Lakeshore Motel guest to receive our special low priced tickets.  Tickets are available at the front desk during normal lobby hours.


Firepit FAQ

Q: Can we reserve a firepit?

A: No. Our firepits are “community” fire pits and we ask that you invite others to join you as you’ll meet some friendly people. We do after all have 40 rooms and only 6 pits, if we had 1 pit per room they would each be the size of a coffee can.

Q: Do we have to buy wood? How much is it?

A: Firewood for use in our fire pits is free to all Clearwater Lakeshore Motel guests; in fact, we’ll set up the pits so all you have to do is light them. We’ll also stock wood at each pit throughout the evening.

Q: Should we put the fire out when we’re finished?

A: Not necessary. Usually there are a few people who come out late after eveyone is gone and just sit for a while. Additionally, we dug the pits deep and they are even further away from any building or the woods than required by local fire ordinances. Just let the fire go out, I usually come down to check everything out after everyone has gone to bed.

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